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Light bulbs

How to dispose of light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs and fluorescent tubes contain small amounts of mercury, which is hazardous, and should not be put into your rubbish or mixed recycling. You can hand in light bulbs at retailers selling these. You can also drop them off at the Mobile Recycling Centre.

Alternatively you can set up hazardous waste collections for fluorescent tubes and energy saving light bulbs via this link.  

Filament bulbs (old-style, halogen or non-energy saving) cannot be recycled and should be put , wrapped in paper, in your general rubbish in the red bags or bin.

Replace your old light bulbs with energy saving ones they last eight times longer, use a quarter of the energy and give the same brightness. LED lighting, though more expensive, is becoming a better long-term investment as it is even more energy-efficient.

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